It is my belief that the story of your life is less about the final destination and more about who you became on the way there. 


I'm Ardre Orie

I'm a Celebrity Ghostwriter and Screenwriter.

I’ve always believed that every ending in our lives is the start of a beautiful new beginning.

As a writer, I specialize in identifying the heart of every story I am blessed to tell so that they are grounded in their roots and amplified in their message.

My goal as a writer is to allow the voices of those who have suffered from oppressive circumstances to be heard and to create meaningful narratives that feed our souls and chronicle our experiences. 

Before taking a leap of faith toward entrepreneurship, I attended Florida State University, earning my undergraduate and Master’s Degrees in Special Education. After teaching for 4 years, I earned an Ed.S in Educational Leadership. I served as an Assistant Principal before rediscovering my first love of composing stories as a way of life.

Today, I reside in Atlanta, Georgia, with my husband, two daughters, and a loving son in college, and I work daily to bring compelling stories to life.


My Most Recent Media Feature

Ardre Orie Presents The Heart of A Man is my latest theatrical production that is purposed to tackle mental health awareness. The production features an 18-member all-men's cast. Here's what outlet Bossip had to say about the production:

Ardre Orie is the visionary and executive producer behind The Heart Of A Man. The writer and director has enlisted Black men from diverse walks of life to give insight into the male psyche. Fueled in part by her want to better understand men amid her healthy decades-long marriage and the death of Philando Castile, Orie wants watchers to listen and learn about masculinity, vulnerability, and compassion.

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My Story

I always knew that curating words was my superpower. I was, without question, the little girl in class who talked too much. Never one to let a good story escape me, I picked up my pen at ten years old to chronicle the stories of women in my local community of Gainesville, Florida.  After publishing my first book the same year and a feature in my local newspaper, my mother and I literally sold copies of my book out of our trunk to those in the city who learned of my work. This era of my life was proof that the rest of the world needed stories just as much as I did and that they were the single entity that brought us together as a community.

In my adolescence, the pen and pages became my safe space while battling childhood domestic violence in my home. The pages listened, and the ink never lied. It was in my notebook I deemed myself a survivor.  I kept my thoughts and journals close to my heart during college, but I knew there was more. That more led me to a role of an assistant principal at an elementary school, where I discovered innovative ways to write and to teach writing. After moving to another state, I resigned from my profession as an educator and rediscovered the power of my pen. This time, more relentlessly than ever before. More importantly, I learned how to leverage it to set myself free from the childhood pain that ushered me into the arms of purpose. I wake up each morning without an alarm clock on a mission to do the same for every soul I have the blessing to encounter.

It is my belief that the meaning of our stories are less about the final destination and more about who we became along the journey.



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